About NMI Electronics Manufacturing

NMI Electronics Manufacturing is operated by the UK Trade Association – TechWorks.

This network is open to participants with manufacturing operations in the UK & Ireland who are seeking to improve operational performance. At the heart of the network is an ethos of open learning and sharing. It’s not about benchmarking performance metrics; it’s about openly sharing your challenges with others and developing targeted improvement programs you will work on with some of the other members.



To increase the quality and quantity of electronic engineering and manufacturing in the UK and Ireland. We address our members’ short-term priorities and our industry’s long-term needs by providing:


A focal point for this industry; connecting industry, academia and stakeholders to build a strong eco-system

A mechanism to work together to address common challenges in engineering and manufacturing, sharing domain knowledge and know-how across vertical applications

Opportunities to raise your profile and develop your business through new partnerships and programs addressing business opportunities

A voice for industry by building coherence on the strategic issues and opportunities; seeking to inform government and its agencies; supporting their decision-making processes

A response to your individual business needs